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Buyer Commission 100% CashBack Offer

Buy Property With Us & Get 2.5% Cash-back

If you’re looking to buy a home, then find the desired property and let us negotiate on your behalf. Huge savings guaranteed with 2.5% Cash-back!


To be eligible for this incredible offer, you must be or have:
–    A tech-savvy;
–    A real estate lawyer to review our contracts;
–    Agreed to pay a flat fee of $5,000 + HST;
–    Found a property you want to buy;
–    No Buyer Representation agreement with any agency;
–    Been pre-approved financially or if buying cash, must show the Canadian Funds;
–    Found the property on the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board’s MLS System;
–    Agreed that the offered Commission must be a minimum of 2.5% of the Selling Price + HST.

How it works:

1.    Text us your full contact information to 416-250-9090;

2.    Share the address of the property you want to buy, its MLS number, the price you want to pay and your preferred closing date;

3.    We will contact the listing agent for the latest updates on the property;

4.    If the property is still available for sale, we’ll send you and your lawyer a copy of our contract and a waiver for review and sign;

5.    After a successful review of the documents, you and your lawyer will send us the signed copies along with our non-refundable $5,000 + HST flat-fee payable to Toronto Real Estate Centre via direct deposit;

6.    Our official work will start upon receipt the full payment;

7.    Our Broker of Record – Shoren Konstantin – will make the offer based on the provided details, and send it to you through Authentisign / e-signature system. She will walk you through the offer over the phone with your solicitor’s review and approval condition clause along with all other terms and conditions;

8.    Your suggested changes will be made on the offer. We are representing you solely in this transaction but at the same time, we don’t want to include unreasonable terms and conditions in the offer to deter the listing agent and the Sellers from reviewing your offer with a positive look;

9.    Once you signed and initialed the offer and accompanying documents electronically, the offer will reach us for our final review. It will then be diverted to the listing agent for the presentation to the Sellers;

10.    Then, we begin the negotiation process. Being experienced in this industry, we have proven ways to secure the best deals for you. You will be regularly updated during the process;

11.    Several factors come into play to determine the success in this process. This includes the number of buyers trying to buy the property, Seller’s interest in your offer, the price you’re willing to pay, the property’s actual value, and several other elements such as results of the inspection report, your lawyer’s review, successful financing, etc. which all play a huge role and impact the success of the offer;

12.    While we have a great success rate, and we often succeed in getting the first deal; there are times when the first deal falls through. To keep you at the safe end, we offer our services for two properties. We don’t charge anything extra for the second offer. We will be on your side until the closing of that transaction.

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